ABB REM 543/545 Connectivity Package

ABB REM 543/545 Connectivity Package 2.3

It enables system products and tools to connect and interact with an IED
2.3 (See all)

The REM 543 machine terminals are used as the main protection system of generator and generator-transformer units in small and medium-power diesel, hydroelectric and steam power plants.
A connectivity package is a collection of software and information related to a specific protection and control terminal, an IED (Intelligent Electronic Device). Connectivity packages enable system products and tools to connect and interact with an IED.

For all the products supporting the connectivity concept, the REM 543/545 Connectivity Package contains:
- Description of IED functions and capabilities in SCL (Substation Configuration description Language) format. The functions of an IED are mapped from the SPA and LON protocols to IEC 61850 protocol. The description texts in these files can be translated into other languages as well.
- Object types for device integration. These object types define the properties for a device-related object, for example the protocols that are supported by an IED.
- IED specific visual elements, for example object icons, graphical symbols and pictures in various places.
- Connectivity package related documentation
- IED specific documentation
- Other data and components needed by products using connectivity packages

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